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Kitka Brings The Music Of Eastern Europe To The Bay

Dec 11, 2019

Kitka is a women's singing ensemble based in Oakland. For more than 35 years, the group has been singing songs drawn from Eastern European vocal traditions. What began as an informal group of singers with a passion for those Eastern European harmonies and rhythms has grown into a critically-acclaimed professional ensemble.

They sing in over a dozen languages, and they'll be performing their annual concert of Wintersongs this weekend in the Bay Area. Kitka Executive Director, Shira Cion, and member Corinne Sykes, tell us about the Wintersongs tour.

CION: It feels like a wonderful responsibility to be carriers and bearers and transmitters and praise agents of these amazing vocal traditions.

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Kitka will perform their annual Wintersongs concerts in mid-December throughout the Bay Area. To find out more click here

This story originally aired in December of 2014.