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Iraq Connection: Interview with Hesham Alalusi

Mar 19, 2014

Hesham Alalusi, is an Iraqi American living in the Bay Area. He left Iraq in the 1980's and using his own funds  started the Alalusi Foundation. His foundation offers assistance to refugees trying to put their lives back together, like Ahmed Al Kubaisi, a young man who was shot in Fallujah and is now getting medical aide at a hospital here in the bay area.  Alalusi says that he's seen the difference that the organization has been able to make in refugee's lives but the devastation in his region is ongoing.

“ Hope is really rather dim right now, especially with what is going on with Syria and other countries . I’m afraid it’s going to be a long period of turmoil. Things have got to boil down to something else,  different than  what we have right now.”

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Find more information about the foundation click here:  Alalusi Foundation