Interview with Geoff Link of Central City Extra | KALW

Interview with Geoff Link of Central City Extra

Apr 21, 2014


In the rapidly changing mid-Market area of San Francisco, the influx of new tech companies into a historically low-income neighborhood is causing some conflict, especially around commercial real estate. Geoff Link is editor and publisher of the Central City Extra, a monthly newspaper serving the Tenderloin, mid-Market, and SOMA neighborhoods. It's put out by the Study Center, a publishing house that also supports non-profits.

As a journalist, Link has been monitoring changes taking place in this part of the city as tech companies move in, including the displacement of a lot of neighborhood non-profits. He himself has been affected-- the Study Center has had to move twice in the last two years.  Link spoke to KALW's Ben Trefny in the offices of Central City Extra.


GEOFF LINK: We're totally at the mercy of the landlords. And if there's anybody who's got dollar signs in their eyes, it's these landlords. And they just gouge, gouge, gouge.


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