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How would Medicare for All work?

Jan 8, 2019



On this edition of Your Call, we discuss how Medicare for All would actually work.

House Democrats have promised to hold public hearings on single-payer healthcare proposals, which have been sidelined for years. According to the Washington Post, between 58 and 70 percent of Americans support some form of Medicare for All. We’ll discuss details of existing proposals and how they seek to fix a healthcare system that leaves so many behind. What would it take to provide all Americans comprehensive and affordable healthcare?


Dr. Margaret Flowers, pediatrician, national board adviser for Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), and coordinator with the Health Over Profit for Everyone campaign


Dr. Ana Malinow, primary care pediatrician in San Francisco and past President of PNHP

Lee Stanfield, steering committee member, Health Over Profit for Everyone, and founder of Single Payer Now Tucson

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