How big companies shape San Francisco's ballot | KALW

How big companies shape San Francisco's ballot

Aug 15, 2016


We’re less than three months from Election Day, and, even though it might not seem like it, there’s plenty to think about besides Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Californians have 17 propositions to consider, and that doesn’t even include the county measures; San Franciscans, themselves, are looking at 25 more.

It’s no secret that special interests put a lot of money into elections. But it’s hard to know exactly how much, and how we’re being influenced. So our friends at the San Francisco Public Press have put a lot of their resources into studying campaign finance. KALW’s Ben Trefny spoke with project editor Angela Woodall about their latest investigation tracing last year's ballot campaign financing.

ANGELA WOODALL: The first thing you do with a voter who might be undecided is you make sure they're undecided—then you convince them to vote the way you want them to vote.

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