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Hatching Twitter: Interview with author Nick Bilton

Jan 13, 2014

Twitter. With more than 400 million users a month, it’s the second-most-popular social network in the world. A report from the Pew Research Center's Journalism Project found that nearly ten percent of adults get their news from Twitter.

Here in San Francisco, the company’s officially part of the city’s fabric -- online and off. New York Times Tech columnist Nick Bilton is  the author of “Hatching Twitter: A story of Money, Power,  Friendship and Betrayal."

"It is a story about a company that changed the way we do  everything from business to religion," Bilton tells KALW's Holly Kernan. "But it’s also a story about four guys who accidentally came together and created Twitter. Some of them became celebrities along the way, and some of them ended up with nothing."

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