Folk Music & Beyond: Kitka Live! | KALW

Folk Music & Beyond: Kitka Live!

Nov 16, 2019

Kitka, the renowned Bay Area Balkan women’s ensemble, performs live 3 pm this afternoon on Folk Music & Beyond.

Kitka celebrates their 40th season with their upcoming Wintersongs concert series. This year’s theme is “Weathering the Storm.” On today’s show, they will share some highlights of their forthcoming performances.

Kitka has found recognition touring the countries where their music originates—the Balkans, Slavic lands, and the Caucasus, and has collaborated with leading lights of traditional music of Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Turkey, and elsewhere. 

Join us for Kitka’s live KALW performance TODAY on 91.7 or on-line at . If you can’t catch our live broadcast, the program will be archived for one week following the broadcast at .