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Fog City Blues: More Blood, More Tracks

Nov 6, 2018

The latest installment in Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series chronicles the sessions in late 1974 that resulted in the landmark album Blood On The Tracks.

The six-disc set contains multiple takes of familiar songs shows Dylan framing and interpreting the words to shade or alter their meanings, chasing not studio perfection but a particular balance between narrative. His project, as NPR's Tom Moon puts it, "isn't to simply document the arc of a love affair: Dylan's searching for a specific tone and temperament to enhance the scenes he'd written – scenes set in the messy aftermath of all-consuming romance, when all that's left of a noble love is empty-room echoes and not-entirely-trustworthy memories." Tune in as host Devon Strolovitch digs in to Dylan this Wednesday 11/07 at 10 pm.