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Families of Revolutionaries: Eisa Davis

May 5, 2016

The name Angela Davis is synonymous with revolution. But her niece, Eisa Davis, didn't learn that until later in life. "I did know that my aunt was a public figure of some kind," says Eisa Davis. "And I did know that my mom had done everything she could to save her sister’s life."

Eisa and her aunt Angela Davis
Credit photo courtesy of Eisa Davis

Angela Davis fought for justice throughout her life. Davis joined the civil rights movement in 1963. She was shocked by the deaths of four little girls killed in the Birmingham Church bombing. After years fighting against oppression Davis became a member of the Black Panther Party. She was accused of participating in a prisoner escape plan at a Marin County courthouse, which resulted in several deaths. She fled, was arrested, and later acquitted. Her family stood strong behind her, leading the Free Angela Davis campaign.

"I'm really excited that I get to make things that are able to affect the notions that people have about themselves and also in particular for black women."-- Eisa Davis

For our series on the Families of Revolutionaries, Leila Day talks to actress, playwright, singer and proud niece, Eisa Davis.


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