Ep. 3 - From wilderness to superteam | KALW

Ep. 3 - From wilderness to superteam

Apr 24, 2019

In this episode of Bounce, we tell the story of half-a-century of trials and tribulations through the eyes of a longtime fan.

This version of the Golden State Warriors is historically good. But it’s just the latest iteration. In the half-century-plus that the team has been in the Bay Area, there have been lots of other stars, more than a few scrubs, and a fan base that’s been with them practically no matter what. 

"I was a senior in high school when they won their first championship. Now, I'm a senior citizen."

One of those fans, Keith Burroughs, attended his first basketball game when the team was still playing at San Francisco's Cow Palace. From the Warriors’ championship in 1975 through the rough stretches they endured before becoming the dynasty of today, Keith has witnessed it all. 

A short excerpt from the spoof "Superteam: The Musical" from Bleacher Report was included in this story. Watch it in its entirety below.