21 hours ago

If the wooden man effigy represents Burning Man’s cosmic and comic core, the Temple is its heart and soul. A place where people come to honor and grieve, Burning Man’s Temple has become a potent and sacred space in the middle of nowhere. In this episode of THE INTERSECTION at Burning Man, we hear why Burners have such a strong attachment to a temporary structure that’s little more than wood and nails.

"When I build the temple, I'm the carpenter, I'm not the priest. So people come and put their own beliefs in it. People that hate God come in and use it. People that love God come in to use it. My place is not to judge what people bring and what they what they're looking for in the temple."

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THE INTERSECTION looks at changing cities through physical intersections. This time we’re doing something different: The city is temporary and the intersections are conceptual. We’re going to a remote corner of Nevada for Burning Man. 

THE INTERSECTION is a co-production of David Boyer and KALW.

Jonathan Davis is the associate producer. This episode was edited by Ben Trefny and Lisa Morehouse with an assist from Gabe Grabin. And engineered for your listening pleasure by Gabe Grabin with music from Erik Pearson and Blue Dot Sessions.

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