Dear Donald Trump: "I do not think you are the next Hitler" | KALW

Dear Donald Trump: "I do not think you are the next Hitler"

Jan 24, 2017

Over the weekend, the historic Women's March on Washington drew huge crowds to the nation's capital, with satellite marches taking place all over the world — including here in the Bay Area

In the lead-up to these marches, KALW and the East Bay Express invited women from throughout the Bay Area to send us their “Letters to Trump.” We received several dozen thoughtful, moving essays from women from all over Northern California. Read the letters at and listen to women reading their letters for KALW. 

Click the audio player above to hear the two powerful letters we aired on Monday, the first day of the Trump administration. 

You will hear from Aneka Bean, 33, an artist and tinkerer who lives in Pleasant Hill. 

BEAN: You are my president and I hope that you, and those working with and against you, do a good job.

Anna-Marie Booth offers Donald Trump an acronym to guide his presidency.
Credit Anna-Marie Booth

You will also hear from San Francisco resident Anna-Marie Booth, a baby boomer and "mother of a multicultural, male millennial."

BOOTH: Please know that I (a long-time Democrat, Obama fan, Hillary voter, homeowner, law school graduate, senior citizen, African American, female, parent) support you in the goal to make America greater while upholding our United States constitutional rights.