Daily news roundup for Monday, June 6, 2016 | KALW

Daily news roundup for Monday, June 6, 2016

Jun 6, 2016

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

It was Draymond Green’s night // San Francisco Chronicle

"It was Draymond Green’s night. Pure and simple.

"The Warriors’ boisterous forward led his team to a thorough 110-77 dismantling of the Cavs in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night, showing off all the various skills that make him one of the best to play the game."


Clinton: Finishing strong in California means the world to me // Sacramento Bee

"Even as she pressed supporters to look beyond the primary to “what we have to do together when the voting’s done,” Hillary Clinton kept up her sprint across California on Sunday, laboring to avoid an embarrassing loss in the state.

"Clinton called on Americans to “come together” on issues ranging from the economy and education to health care and affordable housing. "


What to watch for to make California’s primary matter more // SF GATE

"The results of California’s primary election won’t have the race-rattling national implications predicted a month ago when there was a contested Republican presidential race.

"But tucked inside Tuesday’s results will be harbingers of truth about the future of several national and state campaigns."


Oakland debates best way to watch over its police department // East Bay Express

"Two camps of Oakland city councilmembers have submitted separate ballot measures to the City Clerk's office proposing dramatically different police oversight systems.

"One side has a proposal to establish a strong police commission. The other is proposing to appoint a new city official called the "Independent Police Monitor." One of the measures, likely with significant modifications, is expected to be placed on the November ballot."

Sizzling housing: Deep East Oakland lures homebuyers // East Bay Times

"As sales prices in other neighborhoods soar, middle- and upper middle-income homebuyers across the Bay Area are setting their sights on Deep East Oakland.

"People are investing in distressed neighborhoods, which are in turn beginning to shed blight. But many African-Americans who grew up in Deep East neighborhoods as well as renters are getting priced out."


Humpback whales exploring the Bay in unprecedented numbers // KQED Science

"Multiple humpback whale sightings inside Golden Gate bridge have surprised and delighted researchers since late April.T

"Though whales have entered the bay before, scientists interpreted most of those incursions as random wanderings. This time it appears that they’ve targeted the bay for foraging."