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Cannabis News Roundup: Recreational pot shops open in Nevada

Jul 7, 2017

Lines out the door as Nevada intros recreational cannabis ... Can CBD soothe doggy panic? ... and more. 

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Recreational marijuana now legal in Nevada // SF Chronicle

But don’t cross state lines with your purchase, and be very careful where you try to smoke it.

Marijuana is legal to possess recreationally in California, too, but check your local ordinances. “A Chronicle analysis of the Bay Area’s 114 cities and counties shows that jurisdictions have wildly different ways of implementing Proposition 64.”

Mendocino issues first cultivation permit // The Mendocino Voice

“Members of the public voiced concerns during that meeting, warning that high fees, onerous building codes, business structure requirements, and strict enforcement could deter more cultivators from applying for permits. Many also expressed frustration with ambiguities in the permitting process.”

Only four applicants for Sonoma County grow permits // ABC-7

Long lines were expected. That never happened.

Growers brace for new pesticide controls // SF Chronicle

“The regulations, which generally follow state and federal laws governing crops such as tomatoes and almonds, come at a pivotal moment for a trade that has coasted for decades without much regulatory oversight. The promulgators of the leafy herb are mostly happy at the dawn of legalization, but they are also bracing for a shock as the government pulls a business founded on hippie values out of the shadows.”

Amsterdam’s fabled “coffeeshops” dwindling // Dutchnews

“Owners said the closures were partly due to the city council imposing stricter criteria, including a rule that coffeeshops cannot be located within 250 metres of a school.”


CBD used to soothe dogs during fireworks // NPR

Fireworks can be fun, but what’s a dog owner to do when Fido panics at the sound?  Try a CBD concentrate. It’ll be legal next year.


Hash competition this weekend in the high desert // Chalice California

“Music Glass Hash Art” is the tag line of this three-day event, starting today, in Victorville, CA.


Pot is now legal in Nevada, but where to smoke it?  // Los Angeles Times

Visitors should have no problem purchasing marijuana at dispensaries near the Strip. But where will they consume it? Nevada allows for consumption only in private residences with the owner’s permission. Even if you could make the dubious argument that your hotel room is a ‘residence,’ guess who won’t give their permission? Casino owners.”

Why are casinos against cannabis? Maybe because it produces the “wrong” kind of high: paranoid or laid back. And certainly because the plant is still a federal felony to possess — casinos are not going to risk losing their gaming licenses over it.


Driver safety not impaired in legal cannabis states // The Leaf Online  

“'We found no significant association between recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado and subsequent changes in motor vehicle fatality rates in the first three years after recreational marijuana legalization,’ authors concluded in the 2017 review,” which was conducted by the University of Texas-Austin.

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