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Cannabis News Roundup: 11.07.14

Nov 7, 2014

Election victories from sea to shining sea… What passage of Prop 47 could mean… Unique regs in Mendocino… Halloween scare just a fantasy… and more.


New poll: Majority of Americans support legalization – barely//   New numbers show 51% supporting legal cannabis, down from 58% a year ago.


Marijuana wins from sea to shining sea // & Huff Post   Voters approved recreational cannabis measures in Washington, DC, Oregon and Alaska this week. Florida's medical marijuana measure was narrowly defeated, but one in the US territory of Guam passed.  Cannabis is now legal in some form in 23 states, one territory, and the nation's capitol.

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Prop 47 passes – now what? //   Drug and theft crimes in California valued at less than $950 will now be misdemeanors.  See how this could impact prison populations, and compare it to measures in other states.


Unique cannabis growing regs in Mendocino //   “The program will be the first of its kind in the state, and a big step in bringing some kind of environmental oversight to the largely illegal and almost totally unregulated marijuana cultivation industry.”


NPR interviews editor of Marijuana Business Daily //    “Does the product retain what its users find cool - a part of which has been it being illicit all these years” once it becomes mainstream?  


CBD-rich cannabis destroyed in recent raids // Huff   Marijuana’s benefits to children with certain types of epilepsy is well documented, and growers are filling that need.  Where do parents turn when the raw material for these treatments is destroyed, as has happened recently in California?

Colorado non-profit moves outdoors to increase harvest of CBD-rich strain // The     Outdoor crop are large than those in greenhouses and warehouses, allowing them to serve more patients. But waiting list is still in the thousands. 

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SF Chronicle calls on Legislature to reform marijuana law //   State Attorney General is also asked to “lay out a plan that builds on nearby states that are running ahead of California.” 

Economist looks to legalization // The  “It is not hard to imagine a future in which the federal ban is eased, now that voters in so many states have backed liberalization. The innovative pot entrepreneurs in places like Denver would welcome that. But should they?”


Las Vegas to host marijuana conference // Marijuana Business Daily   Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, is among the speakers at the event scheduled November 12 – 14.


Apartment building blows up - hash oil lab blamed //    Over a hundred butane cylinders “were shooting off like rockets,” destroying Walnut Creek building.


Fear of cannabis treats in Halloween bags didn't materialize //   People enjoy being scared at Halloween. This year's new scare was the threat of pot-laced candy in kids' treat bags. Like many fears, this one turned out to be just smoke and mirrors.

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No one has seen "The Marijuana Show" …//   …but creators are calling it a success. Media has shown strong interest in online series set to premiere November 18.

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