Cannabis News Roundup: 10.31.14 | KALW

Cannabis News Roundup: 10.31.14

Oct 31, 2014

Historic review of Schedule 1 listing closes… Live election coverage planned… Mothers risk jail to treat kids… What Ben Cohen says… and more.


Five plans for California’s legal cannabis //  It’s going to happen, says UC-Berkeley professor, so start planning now.

“Go slow” approach recommended to other states by Colorado governor//  “The counsel I offer is that you don’t lose anything by waiting a couple of years to see how marijuana legalization unfolds. 


Federal judge reviewing Schedule 1 listing for cannabis //      Decision could see plant removed from most restricted list. “It’s amazing to have the opportunity of several expert witnesses to testify why they think marijuana is mis-scheduled,” says Kris Hermes of Americans for Safe Access. “That’s historic.”  Testimony ended yesterday. A ruling is expected by the end of the year.

Second San Diego dispensary denied //   Planners say it’s too close to a park, even though a freeway and a river separate them.

Six grow sites hit in Denver area //   Denver Police “conducting an ongoing investigation involving illegal drug activity.”


Local cannabis measures on ballots throughout California //    A statewide plan won’t be considered before 2016.

“Treating marijuana as a crime has failed// Toke of the    A group of former lawmakers and law enforcers say, “Arresting and citing thousands of people in Oregon and elsewhere for marijuana-related crimes is a distraction to law enforcement and a misuse of taxpayer resources.” The remarks appear in a pro-pot statement ahead of Oregon’s ballot measure to decriminalize cannabis.

Live election coverage on   Internet radio station plans to provide live results of cannabis initiatives from Maine to New Mexico to Alaska on Tuesday.


Former bank building to house cannabis incubators //    Owners hope to attract “businesses wanting to work on new ways to serve the marijuana industry,” including banking.

Thoughts from the man behind Cherry Garcia and Phish Food ice cream: Ben Cohen //    “I’ve always viewed marijuana as a substance that is safe, that’s beneficial and enjoyable and that has tremendous health benefits,” says co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. “It’s also good just for people who want to relax.”


Mothers risk jail to get medical marijuana in Bay Area //   “ Coming to California to obtain a medicinal marijuana card when they aren’t living in the state is likely illegal. They don’t care. They’ll do whatever it takes.”


“Legalizing marijuana is a step toward social justice” //  Former police commander now advocates for change in the law.


US Rep. Lee speaks at Berkeley Patients Group party //   The dispensary marks 15 years in business today (Halloween), making it the oldest medical cannabis dealer in the US.  A variety of political well wishers are scheduled during the parking lot party, starting at 4 pm.