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Can progressives reform the Democratic Party from within?

Jul 19, 2018

  Last month, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a 28-year-old Democratic Socialist, beat Joe Crowley, a ten-term establishment Democrat in New York’s primary election. Is there room for Democratic Socialists who support progressive policies in the Democratic Party?

Ocasio Cortez’s win has emboldened progressive candidates around the country running for office on a similar platform, which includes sweeping changes on climate justice, tuition free college, and healthcare for all. Is it possible to change the corporate wing of Democratic Party from within?


Kate Aronoff, contributor to The Intercept and writing fellow at In These Times covering climate change and politics

Norman Solomon, writer, activist, national coordinator of, and author of a dozen books including War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

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