Bay Area Beats: Maya Songbird | KALW

Bay Area Beats: Maya Songbird

Sep 28, 2017

Maya Songbird is an eclectic, electric, lo-fi musician born and raised in the Castro in San Francisco.

She took the leap into making music full time in 2009 with her song, “Lust.” Her music ranges from electro-pop to disco funk. She mixes dance beats and synthesizer loops over themes of self-love, sex-positivity — and sometimes with a dash of occult.

On this edition of Bay Area Beats, Maya came to KALW’s studios to play a couple of her songs, and to talk about how she made space for herself in the music scene as a black woman who doesn’t sing R&B.

"What feels good is when you find your tribe who wants to ride on the rainbows with you."

Maya Songbird will be performing at the Afternoon Delight queer disco party at the New Parish in Oakland on October 1, 2017.