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Bay Area Beats: Marco Polo Santiago

Oct 31, 2016


Musician Marco Polo Santiago was raised in L.A., in a big Mexican-American family, with the sound of cumbia always in the background. He grew up to be a musician, but his tastes ran more to metal and hip hop than anything Latin.



A few years ago, he rediscovered the music of his childhood in a whole new way, getting deep into Colombian cumbia from the 50's and 60’s. That’s the style his band “La Misa Negra” channels on their debut album Misa de Medianoche. Santiago shared some of his tracks in this edition of Bay Area Beats.


MARCO POLO SANTIAGO: I'm 38 now, If you had asked me when I was 33 'would you like to play accordion', I'd be like no way. I still keep it gangster onstage when I play accordion, so it's cool.

This piece first aired on October 26, 2015.