Bay Area Beats: Anna Hillburg | KALW

Bay Area Beats: Anna Hillburg

Jan 10, 2019

San Francisco based singer-songwriter Anna Hillburg has played in countless bands over the past 20 years. In 2013, she released her first solo record and recalls it being a more vibrant time for the San Francisco art community.

In the past five years, she’s coped with rising anxiety over climbing rent prices, while losing friends and fellow musicians to places like Los Angeles, and more stable pastures.

I stay here because I have rent control but I also stay here because, I know it sounds cheesy but I think it’s important. LA doesn’t need anymore artists. New York doesn’t need anymore artists.

In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Anna explains how these experiences all contributed to Really, Real, her second solo record titled on Oakland-based label, California Clap.