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Ransomware group threatens to release Oakland's confidential data

Marco Verch Professional Photographer
Flickr / Creative Commons

Oaklandside reports that the cyberattack on the city could get worse.

According to the news website, cybersecurity say the ransomware group, known as PLAY, has taken responsibility for the attack on the City of Oakland’s computer files.

PLAY is one of several cyber criminal organizations, which have staged attacks in more than 80 countries and extorted more than $100 million.

Citing the website, BleepingComputer, members of PLAY have posted that they plan to release “private and personal confidential data, financial, gov and etc. IDs, passports, employee full info, human rights violation information.”

Oaklandside also reported that the cyberattack had impaired many non-emergency operations, including business tax collections and OAK311.

An email obtained by Oaklandside revealed that the City of Oakland’s invoice system has been taken offline, which may result in potential delays to city contractors.

Sunni M. Khalid is a veteran of more than 40 years in journalism, having worked in print, radio, television, and web journalism.