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Cannabis News Roundup: December 15, 2012

(Raw Story) // US Senator Patrick Leahy wants to know “What assurance can and will the administration give to state officials involved in licensing of marijuana retailers,” protecting them from federal intervention. This question is from a letter sent by Senator Leahy earlier this month to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. One assurance would be to amend the law to allow possession, where permitted.

(Detroit Free Press) // And perhaps partly in response to the Senator’s question, President Obama says "It would not make sense” to target recreational users in Colorado and Washington after passage of legalization bills in those states – and presumably others that legalize it.

(Washington Post) // This editorial says the Executive branch could end this whole debate simply by rescheduling cannabis – without involving Congress.

(Sun Journal) // And here's a common sense idea, from Maine: take the politicians out of the picture and the let doctors decide who gets to use medical cannabis.

(SFGate) // Closer to home, “when” may become as important as “what” in the Justice Dept. case trying to confiscate the buildings rented to Harborside Health Center in Oakland and San Jose. This court case is currently scheduled for December 20th.

(SFGate) // Also in the East Bay, Oaksterdam University’s mural hasn’t disappeared in a puff of smoke. It’s simply been painted over by the new building owner.

(Press Democrat) // An attempt to change medical marijuana guidelines in Sonoma County has been rejected, 5-0.

(SF Examiner) // It’s enough to drive you to drink. Prescribed use of medical marijuana is legal in California, but it might get you kicked out of public housing, even in liberal San Francisco. (See list in colored sidebar.)

(AP) // Another place you can’t ingest cannabis, of course, is at work. That’s true in Colorado, too, despite the new law. But what happens if cannabis is detected in an at-work drug test?  That has yet to be decided.

(SFGate) // And with gay marriage and cannabis legal in Washington, maybe people should stop sneering at San Francisco values and call them “Seattle values.”

(AP) // Oregon didn’t pass their recent cannabis ballot initiative, but that won’t stop Oregonians crossing the state line to their neighbor to the north, which did approve cannabis. But don’t try to drive back home to Oregon while you’re high.

(Joke) // Speaking of Oregon, blues guitarist David Jacobs-Strain, who played the Bay Area early this month, was recently challenged by someone to prove that he was from that state.  Puzzled for an answer, he did what any young, white, Jewish, blues player from Oregon would do:  he asked his mom.

“Tell them,” she advised, “that the parents of half your friends grow medical marijuana.” But he was still puzzled. “I guess the other half,” he said, “must just be growing regular marijuana.”