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Connecting the Dots: Top news stories for Monday, February 13, 2012


Caltrain is making progress in rail electrification, with the transition expected to occur 5-10 years sooner than anticipated. Electrification would allow for a San Jose to San Francisco direct bullet and is a step forward for the Los Angeles to San Francisco high speed rail. Prop 1A would fund most of the project but would also require the Bay Area to match approximately $1 billion in funds...

A recent poll reflects that San Jose is open to tax increases to help alleviate the city’s budget woes. 48% were in favor of cutting employee compensation. 65% were in favor of raising the sales tax. And 80% were in favor of selling one of the the city’s three golf courses...

The Pentagon anticipates that Obama’s proposed $1 trillion cut to the U.S. military defense budget could impact nearly 126,000 California jobs. Local industries that are indirectly associated with defense spending as well as university technology research funding would be impacted as well. This would be the first time since 1990 that the military budget has shrunk...

Valentine's Day celebrants beware! PG&E has issued a warning that metallic helium balloons can be a public hazard. When these popular sentiments of love, which can stay inflated for nearly 3 weeks, come in contact with overhead power lines, electric service to an entire neighborhood can be compromised. PG&E asks that gift givers and recipients keep the balloons tied up indoors and that lovers who lose balloons not climb up power poles to retrieve inflatables entangled in power lines. Instead, they should impress their partner with intelligence and call the utility company...

On another Valentine’s Day note, UC Berkeley has purchased $1,300 in adult domain names. It's not in the name of romance but rather for self-protection. Now we know who owns goldenbears.xxx.

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Lisa Ratner is a volunteer reporter for KALW's Crosscurrents. Her favorite topics to cover are Public Transportation, Food Politics, Gender Politics, and Film.