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San Francisco bids an emotional farewell to former mayor, Senator Dianne Feinstein

Authorities cordoned off the front of San Franciscio's City Hall for Thursday's public memorial for Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Steffi Puerto
Authorities cordoned off the front of San Franciscio's City Hall for Thursday's public memorial for Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Senator Feinstein was eulogized by who’s who of America and San Francisco’s most powerful politicians – and saluted by multiple flyovers by the Navy’s Blue Angels – during an emotion-filled public memorial.

The event took place on the steps of City Hall – where Feinstein was thrust into national prominence 45 years ago – following the assassinations of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. Secret Service and police set up bandages around City Hall for what became, just one day before, an invitation only memorial. But that change didn't reach everyone.

"You know, I thought that we were going to be allowed to get somewhere near City Hall, but apparently not. We basically are being told by very nice police officers that we should go home and stream it.

My name is Tina Martin, and I'm from San Francisco. San Franciscan is my nationality, so everything pertaining to San Francisco interests me, and I think that, uh, Senator Dianne Feinstein did a really good job as mayor of San Francisco when she faced that crisis with the assassinations. And I think she did a lot of things, you know, to make life and work easier for women. You know, so, so I'm, I'm grateful to her for those things."

Tina Martin, who said her nationality was San Franciscan, was also at the memorial. She had this to say about Feinstein.

 “I think that Senator Dianne Feinstein did an amazing job as mayor of San Francisco, when she faced that crisis with the assassination. And I think she did a lot of things to help make life and easier for women. So, I’m grateful to her for those things.”

I’m Steffi Puerto Feinstein's impact was also international.

“I'm Tim from the Philippines. And you know, she initiated Manila, San Francisco's sister city. So I thought that's remarkable. I said, pay my last respects.” “Very accomplished woman in the political arena of human drama. You know, it's all drama, but that's the way that it is, politics. But she rose against all that.”

Teresa Cannizaro, a San Francisco resident, described Feinstein thusly.


She told KALW why she came to the memorial.

“My love for Dianne Feinstein and my respect for all she’s done for women and to effect some decent gun control in this country. And her longevity and her loyalty to the city.”

In San Francisco, I’m Sunni Khalid, with reporting by Sheryl Kaskowitz and Steffi Puerto, KALW News.

Sheryl Kaskowitz is a fellow in KALW's Audio Academy. Her beat is public arts and culture.
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