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KALW reports on policing and the criminal justice system.
  • When undocumented immigrants are released from prison they can face deportation. Charles Joseph, who was born in Fiji, says that's what will happen to him.
  • After demands from Mario Gonzalez’ family and supporters the City of Alameda released a set of video and audio recordings from its police department related to Gonzalez’ death. This is heavy, and, in our newsroom, we talked a lot about what we wanted to say about it. There are deep-rooted systemic issues that we want to think deeply about, but it’s also important to discuss what we’re seeing.
  • Five years ago, a group of activist went on a hunger strike after a series of fatal police shootings. They were called the Frisco Five and their goal was to force out the city's police chief.
  • In the first three months of the pandemic, Alameda County dramatically lowered the number of people incarcerated at Santa Rita Jail. But since June, the number of people at Santa Rita has been slowly ticking back up.
  • Casper Cendre started writing letters to queer people in prison when they were in high school. Cendre wanted to know what queer life was like from the…
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  • Blackmail, My Love is a noir murder-mystery novel set in San Francisco, 1951 - "The Dark Ages of Queerdom," as author and illustrator Katie Gilmartin puts…