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I'm Somebody's Hero

Thanh Tran (second from right) poses with his family after his release.
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran (second from right) poses with his family after his release.

Growing up, Uncuffed Producer Thanh Tran never truly felt like he had a home. He was raised in the foster care system, was in and out of juvenile hall as a teenager. And then, shortly after his 18th birthday, he went to prison. Just over a decade later, he got what he had been working toward for years, his freedom. On this episode of Uncuffed from the team at San Quentin State Prison — Thanh's journey home, and the relationships that have carried him through.

What prison has taught me is that home is not a place. I've always had a home, and that was with my brothers and sisters. We've always had each other, and through these ten years, they have always been by my side.
Thanh Tran

Thanh Tran is working on a documentary about his family, and his life in foster care, prisons, and afterwards. Stay in the loop on Instagram @findingmafilm.

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Thanh Tran is a media-maker and journalist, raised in South Sacramento. Thanh left San Quentin in 2022, is a Senior Policy and Communications Fellow with the Ella Baker Center, and an Advisory Board member for Uncuffed.
Producer for Uncuffed at San Quentin Radio
Edmond Richardson is a producer with KALW's Uncuffed.