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Damien Minor: That song for me is on repeat, no pun intended.

When he’s not keeping listeners company on KALW as an on-air announcer, Damien “D” Minor has a show on KPFA called “Let’s Talk Music.” On it, Damien and his buddy Thomas J talk to to people in the industry - from artists and producers, to engineers and entertainment lawyers - about music and what it takes to make it happen. On this episode of On Repeat, Damien shares a richly layered funk song and an avant garde piece using voices of a displaced Armenian community.

Intro: The 1975 - “I’m In Love With You”

Song 1: Heatwave - “Put the Word Out” 

“Barry Blue, who I had an opportunity of interviewing, said that working on that song was like working on a whole album.”

Song 2: Keyon Harrold - “Wayfaring Traveler”

“That song for me is a soundtrack at times to my life.”

Song 3: Joseph Bohigian - “ReRooted”

“I have a love and appreciation for avant garde music, and I love how people are able to find different things to make rhythm out of it.”

Catch Damien on air on KALW weeknights and weekends, and hear "Let's Talk Music" on KPFA Sundays at 8 p.m.