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Anthony Ivy: This the one for the summer

Anthony Ivy was recently released from Solano State Prison after 13 years in prison, and on the inside and the outside, music has been a way of getting through all the ups and downs. While in Solano, he was a member of the Uncuffed Playlist, a program where student DJs share songs that relate to their personal stories, and he continues to be a producer on the Uncuffed podcast. On the latest episode of On Repeat, he talks about two songs that are soundtracking his life right now, plus a diss track from a certain infamous beef.

“Being in the Uncuffed Playlist was a different experience, being in prison and learning how to be on the radio, [and] getting the best stories out of people that's usually kind of closed in.”

Intro: Lil’ Quaccey - “On the Beach”

Song 1: Wallie the Sensei - “03 Flow” 

“When you play the song, it hit different. It’'s kind of like some pain music. ”

Song 2: No Cap - “Ghetto Angels”

“I think listening to this song, it kind of hit your heart.”

Song 3: Kendrick Lamar - “Not Like Us”

“This was more like a turn up song. We really ain't seen that side of Kendrick.”

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