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Patrick King Most: the post-2 a.m. kind of thing

Before joining KALW’s roster of weeknight DJs, Patrick King Most would usually search for music he could use to liven dancefloors where he was DJing or use as a sample for one of his signature remixes. But now, every Tuesday, you’ll hear a playlist that may include songs that have no drums or be more lyrics-driven. Press play to hear three of King Most’s current favorites.

“One of the great gifts I've gotten from being on public radio on KALW is that it's made me really open my ears to music.”

Intro Song: El Michel’s Affair Ala Vida 

Song 1: East Coast Love Affair - Confrontations 

“This is more like a kind of a disco house kind of club track. This is totally something I would play. Daytime set. Maybe, you know, warming things up.”

Song 2: Eli Escobar feat. Queenie - Fixed Our Love 

“This is kind of a sound I've been getting into a little bit. It's more synth-driven and a little more serious sounding. Not so much the sunny dance, but more like the post-2 a.m. kind of thing.”

Song 3: David Axelrod - Holy Thursday

“This track has been sampled by countless hip hop artists like Dr. Dre and classic New York '90s artists and just so many people.”

Hear more selections from Patrick King Most every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on KALW.