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Golden Gate Parkcast

Back in 1870, it was just dunes in a part of the city dubbed the Outer Lands. 150 years later, Golden Gate Park is the crown jewel of San Francisco. Home to world-class museums, gardens, and events that draw millions of tourists each year. It’s also where locals go to work out and hang out. In honor of the parks’ 150th birthday, we're taking you on an audio tour of "San Francisco’s backyard."

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  • It’s time to take a tour of the City’s backyard with “The Golden Gate Parkcast.” Every episode features a different attraction.From the Conservatory of…
  • We begin at the Conservatory of Flowers. This 250-foot long building, made of wood and glass, is one of the most elaborate structures in the park. It’s…
  • GGP150-v5_0.png
    Groove On Down To Tunnel Jazz
    We started our tour at the Conservatory of Flowers. Now, we’re back outside. As we walk along the path back toward the street, we see flower beds laid out…
  • GGP150-v5.png
    Swing Over To Lindy In The Park
    Now, let's climb the steps up and out of the hollow and turn west along John F. Kennedy Drive. The flower garden before the conservatory is full of blooms…
  • GGP150-v5.png
    March To The Beat Of The Golden Gate Park Band
    We just got a fun workout with the swing dancers on John F. Kennedy Drive. Now, let's catch our breath and wander into the Music Concourse. As we walk…
  • We’re taking a quick breather this week as our staff adjusts to reporting on how the coronavirus epidemic is affecting our lives. But do not fret! We’ll…
  • GGP150-v5.png
    Reflect In The Shakespeare Garden
    The music concourse can be seen as the cultural heart of Golden Gate Park. This wide oval plaza is filled with fountains and framed by museums and the…
  • GGP150-v5.png
    Nose Around The Rose Garden
    We’ve just left the Shakespeare Garden, in a thicket off 9th Avenue. We're going to head back toward the north side of the park, and to get there, we'll…
  • GGP150-v5.png
    Put The Wind In Your Sails At Spreckels Lake
    Most of the cultivated features of Golden Gate Park are found on its eastern side. Now we’re heading for the wilder west — an area more frequented by…
  • GGP150-v5.png
    Cast A Line At The Angling Club
    We’re down in the wilder spaces of the park, now. The lower side, with its hiking and mountain bike trails, its hidden gardens, its untamed forests. We…