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Jenee Darden

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Jeneé Darden is an award-winning journalist, author, public speaker and proud Oakland native. She hosts the weekly arts segment Sights & Sounds and covers East Oakland for KALW. Jenee has reported for NPR, Marketplace, KQED, KPCC, The Los Angeles Times, Ebony magazine, Refinery29 and other outlets. In 2005, she reported on the London transit bombings for Time magazine. Prior to coming to KALW, she hosted the podcast Mental Health and Wellness Radio.

Her first book, When a Purple Rose Blooms (Nomadic Press), is a collection of essays and poetry about her personal journey through Black womanhood. Her work is also published in the books Previously on X-Men: The Making of an American Series and We've Been Too Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health.

Jenee holds a BA in ethnic studies from UC San Diego and a master’s in journalism from the University of Southern California. When she’s off the clock, Jenee enjoys dancing, performing her poetry, going to concerts, karaoke, traveling and watching superhero films.

Sights & Sounds: Kim Nalley

Dec 6, 2018
courtesy of Kim Nalley

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene. San Francisco jazz & blues vocalist Kim Nalley told KALW’s Jeneé Darden about three fantastic arts events happening around the Bay this weekend.

David Allen

In 1980 journalist Chuck Nevius left a high school sports reporting gig in Colorado and landed a job with the San Francisco Chronicle covering the Raiders.

Sights & Sounds: Kelly Dessaint

Nov 29, 2018
Courtesy of Kelly Dessaint

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene.  Author, taxi driver and San Francisco Examiner columnist Kelly Dessaint told KALW’s Jeneé Darden about three cool arts events happening around the Bay this weekend.

Bay Area Beats: Karl Digerness & Minna Choi

Nov 13, 2018
Courtesy of Karl Digerness

Songwriting can be a challenge. So when San Francisco musician Karl Digerness found himself battling writer’s block he started reading the texts from plays written by William Shakespeare for some lyrical inspiration.

Jeneé Darden / KALW News

Housing costs have risen dramatically in Oakland the past few years and so has the number of people without homes. An Alameda County report estimates that as many as 9,000 people in Oakland are unhoused.

Courtesy of Sephora Woldu

When self-taught San Francisco filmmaker, Sephora Woldu began production on her debut feature-length film Life Is Fare, she wanted to make what she describes as a “love letter” to the Tenderloin neighborhood she calls home.

Public Domain. Resized and cropped.

Oakland’s Measure Y is about just cause evictions. Under the city’s current ordinance, landlords are prohibited from evicting tenants without just cause.

Courtesy of Peter Liu

Peter Liu is running for mayor of Oakland. In just under three weeks, Oakland residents will be casting their ballots to re-elect Mayor Libby Schaaf or vote for a change in leadership.

Oakland businessman Saied Karamooz was a senior executive in the tech industry and worked with Fortune 100 companies. These days he’s running a skin care company with his wife and running for mayor.

Jenee Darden / KALW News

When I arrive at Arroyo Viejo Park in East Oakland, the neighborhood looks more like the French Quarter in New Orleans. Sounds from the band MJ’s Brass Boppers fill the streets. People are dancing, holding gold-trimmed parasols in their hands and wearing Mardi Gras beads around their necks. Residents are on their porches, waving to us as we pass by. 

Jenee Darden / KALW News

This week marks one month since Nia Wilson, an African-American teenager, was fatally stabbed at an Oakland BART station by a white man. People in the community are still hurt and angry.

The White House / Samantha Appleton

For more than 50 years, Pete Escovedo’s Latin Jazz sound has reached people around the world — but it all started here in the Bay Area.

Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

There are stars in East Oakland. Not just the ones in the sky, but homegrown, right in the community.

Jenee Darden

If you’ve ever been to Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood, chances are that you’ve seen Cesar Chavez’s name somewhere.

Jenee Darden / KALW News

Starting a marijuana business is not so simple; there are a lot of rules and fees, especially if you are buying or selling the actual plant. But people are finding many different routes into the industry.