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David Exumé

Audio Academy Fellow

David Exumé (he/him/his) is a 2020-2021 Audio Academy Fellow.  His reporting interests include music history, immigration, community organizing, and urban planning.  He's previously worked at KCRW in Santa Monica and WPRB in Princeton.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and a minor in Creative Writing.  In his downtime, he writes short stories and sometimes produces mash-ups.

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After six years and over 30 meetings with community memebers, the Adeline Corridor Plan passed with near unanimous approval.

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Last month, San Francisco announced it would move hundreds of homeless people out of city-funded hotel rooms before Christmas. Now, those plans are changing.

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Last November, a collective of homeless and marginally-housed mothers took over a West Oakland House owned by speculators. The mothers were making a statement: take housing from big banks and real estate tycoons and put it back in the hands of Oaklanders. They called themselves Moms 4 Housing.

One year later: two of the organizers hold political office.

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Progressive, pro-tenant candidates won four out of five available seats in Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Board race on Tuesday, and they’re expected to win the fifth.

David Exumé

Oakland's 14th Street was speckled with people and awash with bright swatches of paint. 

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We are listening to our audience to cover the issues that matter most to you this election season. This story is one example, and please share your own questions here.

We recently got a question from a listener about California’s Proposition 22. That’s the proposition that would allow app-based transportation companies to treat their workers as independent contractors, not employees. This applies to Uber and Lyft, as well as delivery companies like DoorDash. 

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The Humanist Hall in Oakland has been hosting indoor, in-person events since July, despite COVID-related restrictions. These include weddings, birthday parties, and wakes. Many have exceeded 100 people. 

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This is a 2-minute summary of what’s on the ballot. Click here to listen to them all.

Oakland Measure RR asks voters to remove a $1,000 limit on fines received for violating ordinances. This includes rules against misdemeanors like illegal dumping, vandalism, and excessive noise.


On Wednesday, California's Employment Development Department said that it has cleared about 250,000 of over 1.6 million unprocessed unemployment claims.

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Berkeley is trying to become the nation’s first city to ban junk food from supermarket checkout aisles.