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Christopher Egusa

Christopher is currently a fellow in the 2020 class of KALW’s Audio Academy. He previously interned at NPR. Among other topics, he is interested in reporting on issues of chronic illness, disability, and mental health. Christopher’s background is in film production and social impact strategy. He’s worked with major nonprofits and corporations on developing campaigns that advance social issues. 

Christopher is an East Bay native. He’s also a musician and lover of very excellent coffee.


Farah Yasmeen Shaikh is an internationally acclaimed Kathak artist, and the Founder and Artistic Director of Noorani Dance. Kathak is a traditional Indian dance form associated strongly with storytelling. In this week's My Mixtape, Farah shares a song from The Forgotten Empress, a multisensory production that encapsulates the rise and influence wielded by a female empress in Mughal India.

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Several changes are happening with Bart today. A new program called Bart ambassadors will go into effect, as well as a number of schedule adjustments.

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Hey Area is where we find answers to questions you ask. David Shayer wanted to know, “Why is highway 101 plastered with billboards, while highway 280, a few miles west, has no billboards? I hate billboards, I would cut them all down if I could!”

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A growing number of vehicles have been gathering in Fremont along an industrial road next to the 880 freeway. People sleep in many overnight — some for months. Now, the city has decided that they need to go.

Bay Area singer, songwriter, and guitarist Graham Norwood found himself gravitating back towards music after his marriage began falling apart. He now sees it as a survival mechanism — a way to work through the heartbreak, loneliness, and confusion. In this edition of My Mixtape, Graham talks about a deeply personal song, pulled from the pages of his own life. Got a song of your own? Submit it to My Mixtape here.

Joey Sandin is an elementary school teacher living in Hayward. Most music doesn't evoke a strong emotional reaction out of her, but this song from Feist really hit her in the feels. Check out today's addition to My Mixtape to hear what memory popped back into her brain.

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A group of graduate students at the University of California Santa Cruz have gone on strike, protesting a lack of living wages.

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In 2000, San Francisco passed what was considered a highly progressive public finance system for city elections. But since that time, analysts say that San Francisco has fallen far behind other major U.S. cities.

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Apple is pitching in $2.5 bilion dollars to help ease California's housing crisis.

$2 billion will go toward an "open line of credit.” That will build new low and moderate income homes, as well as a mortgage assistance fund.

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Paul Ybarra Robertson joined the Marine Corps as a teenager. Later in life, he spent his time helping guide teenagers, as Dean of Students at San Francisco’s Galileo High School.

Born in the Polynesian archipelago Kingdom of Tonga, Aisea Taimani is a multi-instrumentalist and artist with strong ties to the Bay Area. For today's addition to My Mixtape you can experience the "island soul" that represents his heritage and personal story. You can hear the full version of "Be Still" on Spotify. This piece was produced by our own Audio Academy fellow Christopher Egusa.