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Richmond’s Chevron refinery flare causes concern among residents

Flickr / Creative Commons
Chevron oil refinery close to highway 101 in California.

Contra Costa Health Services stated in their report that an incident investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the flare and fire. According to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, in December 2020, Chevron agreed to pay more than 140,000 dollars to settle air quality violations at the Richmond Refinery. Those violations occurred in 2016 to 2018.

According to a report filed with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, there was a flaring event at Chevron on Sunday, October 24th. Three days later, a report by Contra Costa Health Services stated that a small fire occurred and multiple process units were shut down due to an operating issue.

Richmond Confidential reports that a sulfur-like smell blanketed Richmond that day and the following Monday forced the closure of Richmond High School, Ford Elementary, and Peres (PAIR-eez) K-8 school.

According to the Richmond Confidential, last wednesday another flaring event occurred that required notification. Contra Costa Health Services said on Facebook that it recommended people, who are sensitive to the sulfur like odor, should stay indoors.

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