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john a. powell On Finding Common Ground Post Trump

Courtesy of john a. powell

Few can argue that the country isn't heavily divided politically right now. Racial divides have deepened and it can feel like even having conversations with each other is a burden. President Joe Biden dedicated his inaugural speech to unifying the country, finding common ground, but how?

The Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley has been tackling these questions: How do we talk to each other when it feels like we’re so divided? How do we start hearing one another and create a place where everyone feels welcome? 

In this interview, we hear from john a. powell who heads the institute. He's also a longtime civil rights lawyer and racial justice leader who consulted with the Obama administration and is now consulting with the Biden Administration.

You can watch a video of the recent Othering and Belonging Institute forum "Storming the Capitol: Trumpism's Last Stand?" here

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