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Board Of Supervisors To Vote On New Police Contract

Roger Jones
Flickr/Creative Commons
San Francisco Police

The city is negotiating pay for police through June 2023. If passed, the agreement would defer pay raises for police officers for the next two years. City officials wanted to cut spending because of the COVID-19 economic downturn, and estimate it would save San Francisco $12 million this year.  

But, pandemic aside, opponents say the new contract lacks one key item: police reform. For over three hours on Thursday the Government Audit and Oversight Committee heard charged and at times emotional public comment.  


Jax Puliatti was just one of many people to call in. “Because this contract offers no policy concessions to prevent the killing of more people, how can we accept this contract? Other cities are changing contracts in order to meet these concessions.” said Puliatti.


Committee member and Supervisor Gordon Mar blamed the Mayor’s office for the lack of policy reform in the contract. 


“We have a contract that does not offer more because the mayor’s office has not demanded it, and leadership for police labor negotiations has to come from the top. It was a failure of the moment for this mayoral administration."

The committee made up of Supervisors Gordon Mar, Aaron Peskin, and Matt Haney voted to send the contract to the full Board of Supervisors for a vote without a recommendation. That vote will happen on November 17.

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