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California's Second Effort To Regulate Dialysis Clinics Fails

Flickr / Creative Commons
Renal dialysis technician


Prop 23 — the state proposition that sought to regulate dialysis clinics — failed to pass.


This is the second proposition about dialysis clinics to fail in the last few years. Two years ago, the labor union SEIU put a proposition on the ballot that tried to limit how much dialysis clinics could make in profits and it was voted down. 

This election, SEIU tried again with Prop 23. It would have required new regulations for dialysis clinics - namely, that clinics would have had to have a doctor on site at all times. Proponents said this change was necessary because these clinics have a reputation of bad patient care.

But the clinics said that the requirement of a doctor would drive up operating costs, and could cause the clinics to limit their hours or shut down. And critics said that Prop 23 — just like the proposition two years ago — was really an attempt by SEIU to gain leverage as the labor union tries to organize dialysis clinic workers. 

And others said that the regulation of these clinics just shouldn’t happen at the ballot box.