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How To Register And Vote On Election Day

Scott Carroll
Ballots & Drop Box

Did you lose your ballot? Forget to update your address? Or have you still not registered to vote? Don’t worry: you can still vote on Tuesday.

California law allows residents to vote on Election Day using what’s called “Same Day” or Conditional Voter Registration. All you have to do is show up at a voting center or polling place and request a Voter Registration form. You’ll fill it out and get a provisional ballot. Once your registration clears, your vote will be counted.  

For people looking to drop off ballots, voting locations in your area may be different than they were in the past because of COVID-19. You can check with your county to see voting locations. In California, if you’re mailing your ballot, it needs to be postmarked by election day, so be sure to get it into a mailbox before the box’s scheduled pick-up.

If you want to make sure it made it in ok, your local election office website may have a ballot tracking feature. It will show when the ballot was mailed to you and when it was received back by the county.

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