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Fairfield Measure C: Cannabis Business Tax

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Measure C would tax businesses that sell cannabis in Fairfield.  



How much depends on the kind of business. For retail cannabis sales, it would be 6%. Think: your local cannabis dispensary. Most other cannabis related businesses would be taxed at 4%. Those would be factories that make or package cannabis foods, oils, or rope, for instance.   


For some perspective, here are some cannabis tax figures from other cities. San Francisco taxes cannabis between 1-5% depending on the type of business. Oakland charges a 6.5% tax for non-medical retail. So, Fairfield’s proposed tax is pretty average among Bay Area cities.  


And keep in mind, this is all on top of the 15% tax the State of California applies to all cannabis retail. 


If Measure C passes, the tax revenue would be deposited in Fairfield’s general fund. The city’s finance director estimates Measure C would generate up to $360,000 a year.


Supporters of Measure C include Fairfield’s Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and three out of five of its city council members. They say Fairfield could use the money to improve youth programs, homeless services, or pothole repair, to name a few.  And that a cannabis tax would cover the costs of regulation.


No arguments against Measure C have been published.  But, it’s fair to say that prices for cannabis would probably increase if it passes.


So that’s what’s being asked of you, Fairfield.  If you think the city should impose its own tax on cannabis sales, vote yes.  If you think the city should not add its own cannabis tax vote no.


I’ve worked as an arborist, bicycle mechanic, carpenter, zero waste educator, whitewater raft guide, and a freelance reporter for the Potrero View newspaper. My passions include everything outdoors, showing off my favorite spots in San Francisco, and most recently, swimming in the Bay.