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Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 4/1/20, AM


Coronavirus Caseload / Rent Moratoriums

Coronavirus Caseload 

As of 11 p.m. yesterday, California has 8,569 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 326 more than 3 p.m. There have been 183 COVID-19 related deaths, which is nine more than yesterday. That's according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s coronavirus tracking tool. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are 2,381 confirmed cases, 32 more than yesterday, and 63 deaths, two more from yesterday. 

Rent Moratoriums

For those who have lost their income because of COVID-19, today may be an especially hard day. It is the first of the month, and for many rent is due. 

Many Bay Area counties, including San Francisco, have announced bans and moratoriums on COVID-19 related evictions, and California followed suit. Tenants rights groups say these are good first steps, but all the different measures can be confusing.

Regional eviction moratoriums and bans don't mean rent is canceled. Once the pandemic is over, tenants will still need to pay back rent. This may be difficult for those who were already working paycheck to paycheck when they lost their jobs. Also, these bans and moratoriums don't mean evictions won't happen, they'll just be delayed. Plus, they don't cover Ellis act evictions.

In all cases. If you're going to withhold rent, you need to provide written documentation that you can't pay because of the coronavirus. That means attaching a termination letter A recent pay stub or a doctor's note showing you are a family member or sick. The California moratorium says you need to alert your landlord within a week of when rent is due. In other cities like San Francisco, that period is longer.