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Daily news roundup for Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Dolores Park," by Flickr user Magda Wojtyra, Used under CC license/Resized and cropped

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW News:

More than 100 guns turned in at gun buy-back event in SoMa //  SF Gate

“More than 100 guns were turned in during a buyback event Saturday where San Francisco Police and a local violence-prevention organization offered cash in exchange for firearms.”

“Two of the 101 weapons collected Saturday were assault weapons.”


The Art of Data-telling // East Bay Express 

“There's an unconventional piece of cartography currently covering a wall at Betti Ono Gallery in the heart of downtown Oakland. For the 'Oakland Community Power Map,' installed by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (A(E)MP), a data-visualization and storytelling collective that maps housing displacement in the Bay Area, locals were asked to contribute cultural data by physically marking community assets over a geographic rendering of Oakland. The map speaks to cultural wealth, outlining opportunities to band together over a city stricken with mass displacement — and in a gallery itself facing threat of displacement due to a 60 percent rent hike.”

“A(E)MP has been mapping housing trends and their effects on communities in the Bay Area since 2013, when self-taught coder Erin McElroy co-founded it. The installation at Betti Ono Gallery marks a new geographic endeavor for the project: mapping out the housing crisis in Oakland and other cities in Alameda County.”


In cramped and costly bay area, cries to build, baby, build // NY Times

“San Francisco does not have enough places to live. Sonja Trauss, a local activist, thinks the city should tackle this problem by building more housing. This may not sound like a controversial idea. But this is San Francisco.”

“Ms. Trauss is a self-described anarchist and the head of the SF Bay Area Renters’ Federation, an upstart political group that is pushing for more development. Its platform is simple: Members want San Francisco and its suburbs to build more of every kind of housing. More subsidized affordable housing, more market-rate rentals, more high-end condominiums.”


Bay Area job gains slow sharply, but South Bay and East Bay still grow // San Jose Mercury News

“Santa Clara County and the East Bay gained jobs at a brisk pace during March, even though the pace of job growth slowed drastically in the Bay Area, according to new economic reports on Friday.”

“Bay Area employers added 1,300 jobs during March, well below the 8,700 they added in February. It was the weakest employment growth in the Bay Area for a single month since September, when 100 jobs were added, the state Employment Department reported.”


As Promised, Religious Group Sues City Over Dolores Park Pissoir // Hoodline

“The San Francisco Chinese Christian Union has filed a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco over the newly-installed outdoor urinal—otherwise known as a pissoir—in Dolores Park.”

“The pissoir was installed as part of Dolores Park's $20 million renovation, which was completed earlier this year. Long bathroom lines meant that many parkgoers were using the grassy area near the train tracks as a bathroom, so Recreation and Parks installed the open-air urinal as a way to control the flow.”


East bay man with lengthy rap sheet turns to police for help instead of committing another crime

“An East Bay man raised to hate police has a whole new outlook on law enforcement.”

“Desperate to feed his family, Trumaine Daniels said he was planning to commit more crimes. Instead, the 35-year-old Richmond man turned to the police for help and his decision is paying off.”