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Proposed bill would extend statute of limitations for sex abuse survivors

California's Capitol building in Sacramento
Andre M.
Creative Commons, Wikimedia
California's Capitol building in Sacramento

Assembly Bill 452, or AB 452, would empower the victims of childhood sexual abuse to hold their alleged abusers accountable in state civil courts without fearing a deadline.

Currently in California state courts, a person who is over 40 is barred from bringing civil claims for sexual assaults they endured as minors.

The legislation builds on the Eliminating Limits to Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims Act which was signed in 2022. That law removed the statute of limitations for people filing claims in federal courts.

Many other states have followed suit and eliminated this statute in their courts.

In a statement, Senator Skinner told Bay City News, "It's unacceptable and cruel that many California victims of childhood sex abuse are unable to hold their abusers accountable because our law now says their time has run out."

Skinner added, "AB 452 will right this wrong by eliminating the deadline for taking civil action against child abusers and those who aided or allowed the abuse to happen or covered it up."

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