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What was true before COVID is even truer now: When we try to think and talk about climate change, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. In fact, there's a growing movement of psychologists who identify those feelings as unprocessed grief. This is a series about the physical and emotional impacts of climate change.

What Can COVID-19 Teach Us About Climate Change? (Ep. 4)

Lisa Morehouse
A sign in front of a Bernal Hill house in San Francisco the first week of the coronavirus shutdown in the Bay Area.

Originally, we were planning to do this series at the beginning of this year — but then COVID-19 hit. We had to put our climate change reporting on pause to focus on covering the coronavirus. But, of course, climate change has not paused. In the final episode of our series, we find out what the pandemic can teach us about climate change. And, we talk to a psychiatrist about how to cope.

This series, "Future Loss: Grieving a Changing Climate," was edited by Lisa Morehouse and engineered by Gabriel Grabin. Click here to listen to all the episodes.

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