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What was true before COVID is even truer now: When we try to think and talk about climate change, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. In fact, there's a growing movement of psychologists who identify those feelings as unprocessed grief. This is a series about the physical and emotional impacts of climate change.

Who Should Be Responsible For Saving The Planet? (Ep. 3)

Courtesy of Our Children's Trust
Juliana v. U.S. plaintiffs Vic Barrett and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez marching during a climate strike in New York City.

Climate change is a juggernaut — a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force. It's overwhelming because it’s a powerful force, and also because the very things that have created it are such deeply-rooted institutions. Fossil fuels are so ubiquitous and the industry that produces them so powerful, that challenging their influence can seem hopeless. In this episode, we hear about young people who are suing over their right to life, liberty ... and a healthy planet. Then, what do we do when one of the things that unites us is also a major contributor to climate change?

This series, "Future Loss: Grieving a Changing Climate," was edited by Lisa Morehouse and engineered by Gabriel Grabin. Click here to listen to all the episodes.

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