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Work with Marty Nemko, 7/12/18: What's it really like to be an assisted-reproduction attorney?

On the July 12, 2018 edition of Work with Marty Nemko:  Many would-be lawyers would like to avoid the contentiousness in, for example, corporate law. A new law specialty is assisted reproductive law, in which an attorney helps people who'd like to have children but need to use sperm or egg donation, or surrogate mothers. This gives rise to an interesting legal profession and ethical issues. I'll explore with attorney Richard Vaughn, head of the American Bar Association's section on Assisted Reproductive Law.

In the program's second segment, listeners call in for a Workover--I tackle worklife questions.

Note: In last week's program, I interviewed retired 9th Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski on what it's like to be a judge but did not bring up why he retired: allegations of a sexual nature, because the show is a career program, not a news show, not really relevant to the topic of the interview: what it's like to be a judge. Nevertheless, listeners may be interested in the details regarding his retirement. So here are three links regarding that:

Prominent appeals court Judge Alex Kozinski accused of sexual misconduct

Alex Kozinski's full statement announcing his immediate retirement

Judicial council takes no action against former Judge Alex Kozinski

And for completeness, lest the information on Kozinzki only focus on the reason for his retirement, here are three other links: to an article he wrote on how to become a federal judge, a New Yorker article he wrote about his work on death penalty cases, and his bibliography:



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Marty Nemko was called "job coach extraordinaire" by U.S. News and "The Bay Area's best career coach" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He has written 20 essays in TIME's Ideas section, and 1240 for PsychologyToday.com. Previously, his career column appeared for six years in the San Francisco Chronicle and then wrote The Big Idea continuing series on WashingtonPost.com and the Working it Out column on TheAtlantic.com. In his 30th year as a career and education advisor, Marty Nemko has served 5,400 clients and enjoys a 96% client-satisfaction rate. He is a part-time instructor of medical students at the UCSF School of Medicine.