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Singer Valerie Troutt Opens Her Musical Diary In Her New Album 'The Oakland Girl'

Peter Rosos
Jazz vocalist Valerie Troutt.

Jazz vocalist Valerie Troutt tells a coming-of-age story in her new album "The Oakland Girl."

Valerie Troutt grew up in The Town, where the community recognized her talent when she was a kid. Members of her church would buy her tickets to concerts and musicals to expose her to all types of music. That support, plus having encouraging parents (her mom took her to the night club Sweet Jimmie’s!), influenced Valerie.

"The 'Oakland Girl' is someone who gives birth. Someone who is a holder of space and really has a vision for life."

Valerie’s jazz and gospel vocals have been heard all around the Bay Area. 

She wrote second album, The Oakland Girl wrote 20 years ago while living in New York City. But the themes of growth and love still resonate today. Her album is available on Bandcamp.

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This interview was produced by Jenee Darden and Precious J. Green and mixed by Gabe Grabin.