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Natalie Devora Writes About Being Black With Albinism

Jewel Devora
Writer and albinism activist Natalie Devora.

Natalie Devora’s memoir "Black Girl, White Skin: A Life in Stories" is about challenges she faced growing up with albinism during the '60s and '70s in East Oakland. 

"No matter what experience you are having in your life, you can overcome that. There is hope."

Devora shares her traumatic experiences of physical bullying and being molested by a relative. But her story is filled with a lot of hope that she found through school and the albinism community. 

Natalies book "Black Girl, White Skin: A Life in Stories" is available on Amazon. She's currently working on global anthology about albinism. Learn more here.

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This interview was produced with help from Precious J. Green.