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Poet Tureeda Mikell Uses Words To Heal And Push Back Against Injustice

Poet Tureeda Mikell

Oakland Poet Tureeda Mikell has many stories to tell. Her first book "Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine" is a collection of poetry that covers spirituality and Black culture, while also challenging organized religion and institutionalized racism.

"Everything is connected."

Tureeda is an award-winning poet and educator. Back in the day, she spent part of her nursing career working at the Black Panther Party’s health clinic in Oakland. And now she’s a published author. Tureeda is also an empath and Story Medicine Woman. In this interview, she talks about her spirituality why she believes everything is connected. 

"Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine" is published by Nomadic Press.

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This interview was produced by Jenee Darden and engineered by Tarek Fouda and Gabe Grabin.