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Call Me Ace Raps About Life And The Career Grind In 'Working From Home'

Miss Lopez Media
Call Me Ace

When rapper Call Me Ace isn’t grinding at his YouTube job, he’s on the mic dropping positive lyrics about life and adulthood. His latest EP is ironically titled 'Working From Home.'

"I feel compelled to help others that might be feeling that same sense of hopelessness, and be able to identify opportunities even though they may feel like there's a brick wall."

Last year Ace’s first album, 'Airplane Mode,' debuted at #3 on iTunes’  Top 40 US Hip-Hop Album Chart.

'Working From Home' has reached over 1 million Spotify streams. In this interview Call Me Ace talks about growing up on the East Coast in a Jamaican household, and why he doesn’t take his success for granted. 

Click the play button above to listen to the interview.