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Philosophy Talk: The Internet of Things

What will life be like when every road you travel, every device you own, every building you enter is connected to the internet?

Smart TVs, refrigerators, cars, and houses—the internet of things refers to the networking of all the devices in our lives, as they gather data and interact with one another, apparently to make our lives easier. Futurists predict this internet of things will extend to our bodies, with devices that will be able to see what we see, accessing almost every aspect of our lives. If futurists are right about this augmented connectivity between us and all our devices, how will it affect the way we live? If government agencies or hackers can potentially access the data our devices gather, what will become of privacy? Josh and Ken get smart with renowned computer scientist Carl Hewitt, editor of Inconsistency Robustness (Studies in Logic). Sunday 2/16 at 11 am and Tuesday 2/18 at 12 noon.